...since 1982, the Name you can Trust!

Our Mission Statement

Our Vision

"Our vision for our Photography and Videography business is a simple one & hasn't changed over all of these 37 years in Daytona Beach.  Whether Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography or Portrait Photography -  we want your experience with Michael's to be FUN and rewarding - with Memories you'll treasure for a Lifetime..."

~ Michael Rollins

​   ...since 1982, the Name you can Trust!

Our Team

Michael Rollins, owner 37 yrs exp.


Dan Lerro, 40+ yrs experience


Dan strolled into my Daytona Beach Portrait Photography Studio one day about a decade ago dressed well, with a contagious smile & an impressive Photography Portfolio. He had just moved down from up north and discovered that we had the largest Studio in Volusia County.  Having been a Professional Photographer for more than 40 yrs., he was looking for the largest, busiest & best place to provide his talents & loyalty.  Dan specializes in Wedding Photography  & Portrait Photography.  Dan probably shoots 70% or more of our Beach Portrait Sessions, Weddings, Senior  & Modeling Sessions. 

Mike Richardson, 40+ yrs experience


Mike actually owned his own Portrait Photography Studio in Daytona Beach in the mid 70's until the early 80's.  He discovered, during that time, that his passion was for the 'photography' part of the business, NOT the actual running the business part itself.  Which made Mike a perfect fit for our Studio!  40 plus years experience with Wedding Photography & Portrait Photography, having shot 1000+ Weddings and countless portraits.  Mike has been on staff for about 25 years.  Great guy, easy going and always relaxed.  Mike's specialty is Portrait Photography.  Along with Wedding Photography, Mike shoots a lot of our Beach Portrait Sessions.

Our Team

Erika Rech, 10 yrs expereience


Erika was my Wedding Photography protégé.  She came to me about a decade ago when she was still a student at Daytona State, working towards her Portrait Photography degree.  She shadowed with me for about a year, shooting 2nd angle, carrying lights, anything she could do to learn all that she could. Erika started as an assistant, then 2nd angle, NOW, she is strictly a Lead Photographer.  Erika's specialty is her ability to beautifully light with off camera, multiple flash units for dramatic realism. 

Danny Dascoli, Video Production Mgr 40+ yrs experience


What can I say about Danny other than, He's Amazing!  Danny has been a Professional Videographer his entire career, over 40 yrs!  He's headed up our Wedding Videography Team for over 20 years and films a majority of our work. Daytona Beach, Orlando, St. Augustine

Swayne Parsons - Photo-journalist


Swayne has an incredible 'Wedding Photography' eye for storytelling with his camera!  His strength, besides his awesome personality, is his editorial-style.  A Perfect Fit for those who appreciate a lifestyle/photo-journalistic Wedding Photography. Swayne is also an exceptional Portrait Photography with his Lifestyle approach...

Our Team

Bruce Fogleman


Bruce is not only an amazing Photographer, he also does amazing Wedding Videography! He's the only Team member who does both Wedding Photography & Video.  

Nadia Zomorodian


Nadia started with me shadowing and providing 2nd angle Wedding Photography.  Now, she can handle about anything!  She has an attentive eye for lifestyle editorial-styled shooting which is great for our Daytona Beach Portrait Photography.

Danielle Taufer


Danielle brings a fresh perspective to her Wedding Photography.  Her Photography specialty is her attentiveness to details.  I have always loved how she photographs each specific memento at a Wedding... things that will mean the world later. She lives in Orlando so she covers many of our Orlando Wedding Photography jobs.